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The GeneTegra platform is a solution to the rapidly growing data organization, content management, and knowledge discovery needs in the biomedical informatics domain. information integration solution designed for genetics and biomedical research. It leverages Semantic Web technologies to facilitate the exploring, aggregating, warehousing, and querying of the vast wealth of biomedical data that is continuously being generated by investigators. Using GeneTegra, research scientists and bioinformaticians are able to define and apply semantic data models, which allow for the discovery of correspondences between data points and for the integrating data across multiple sources in different formats. GeneTegra provides both data virtualization through federated querying over its data models, which affords high availability of widely distributed data, as well as data warehousing through materialization into dimensional models, which allows for the deployment of cleaned and verified core data. In summary, GeneTegra makes the process of biomedical research more efficient and effective by automating and simplifying the process of data integration.

<a href=Big Data Research">

Big Data Research

Discover knowledge within Big Data

<a href=Automated Alignment">

Automated Alignment

Relationships between data points can be found automatically using ASMOV ontology alignment

<a href=Data Ingestion">

Data Ingestion

Data can be organized into a Research Data Warehouse (RDW)

<a href=Federated Querying">

Federated Querying

Queries can be constructed and executed against disparate data sources