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ASMOV, which stands for Automated Semantic Mapping of Ontologies with Verification, is an automatic ontology alignment tool which produces class-to-class, property-to-property, individual-to-individual mappings. Although it was originally designed to facilitate the integration of heterogeneous systems, using their data source ontologies, it can be used to align ontologies from any domain. For more details about ASMOV see the publications listed on the side bar.

The process diagram shown above depicts the major steps encountered when aligning ontologies using the ASMOV tool. Due to its iterative nature, ASMOV is able to analyze the intermediate alignments produced and eliminate incoherencies whenever found. This feature positioned ASMOV as one of the top three alignment tool at OAEI (three years in row) and as the most coherent alignment tool available1. Below are some of the Key features of ASMOV:

1 The coherence evaluation was done by the OAEI organizers using the results obtained by the tools that participated in the OAEI 2009 Conference track.
2 Pre-alignments are the alignments produced at the end of each one of the ASMOV iteration.



  • ASMOV Demo (coming soon)
    Note: This online demo only generates alignements between ontologies of 100 entities or less.
  • OAEI test results (ZIP)
    2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

Key Features


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