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Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE)
Marshal Folstein
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The Mini-Mental Status Exam is a five-minute screening test that is designed to evaluate basic mental function in a number of different areas. Some of the areas tested involve a person's ability to recall facts, to write and to calculate numbers. The test provides a quick way to determine if more in-depth testing is needed.[1]

The MMSE was designed to give a practical clinical assessment of change in cognitive status in geriatric inpatients. It covers the person’s orientation to time and place, recall ability, short- term memory, and arithmetic ability. It may b used as a screening test for cognitive loss or as a brief bedside cognitive assessment. It cannot be used to diagnose dementia.

Each area of the test is given a score. These scores show if the person is functioning within the expected range for his or her age. If there are signs of a problem, the individual giving the test will suggest further testing. [1]

Reliability & Validity
In terms of content validity, the MMSE measures eight of the 11 main aspects of cognitive status; it omits abstraction, judgment, and appearance. Although factor analyses have used different types of sample and differing versions f the MMSE, they commonly indentify factors relating to orientation, memory, and attention.[2]

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Form Information
  • Suited for: Anyone suspected of mental decline or potential dementia can take this test, although the test is best suited for people older than 60.[1]
  • Administered by: A psychologist, doctor or other appropriately trained healthcare provider can conduct this exam.[1]
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