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GeneTegra is a novel integration application that allows users to locate, browse, and query disparate data sources from a single interface. It performs data linking by leveraging the ASMOV ontology alignment component and provides extraction functionalities for heterogeneous data sources. This is accomplished without having to create a physical data warehouse. GeneTegra improves turnaround time and reduces the time spent on manual data management and data abstraction processes. With its on-demand integration and sharing capabilities, GeneTegra enhances team-based research and reduces the existence of data silos.

GeneTegra Key Features

Easily view, create and share data among researchers and scientists throughout an institution Allow access to multiple databases as a single harmonized view
Re-purpose data by customizing the views to support new research endeavors Explore and query organizational data more efficiently
Ensure data freshness by distributing the queries among live data stores Utilize consistent terminology to access unfamiliar data
Resolve inconsistencies between disparate sources through the application of rules Combine personal research data with institutional resources

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