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Aspect Trials is an innovative and state-of-the-art electronic system for the management and administration of clinical trials. Aspect Trials has been designed to provide a more sophisticated solution than those provided by current alternative techniques.

Aspect Trials means clinical trials automation. Featuring intelligent case report forms, task workflow sequencing, and robust security, Aspect Trials offers a comprehensive solution for the administration of multiple trials within a single integrated environment. Its user-friendly, Web-based data collection interface is the portal to a powerful and flexible software engine that continuously monitors the complete clinical trial process. Aspect Trials empowers clinical researchers to achieve accurate, efficient, effective clinical trials.

Collection Station

The Aspect Trials Collection Station provides a window through which subject data is easily entered. Accessed from any modern operating system using a standard Web browser, it combines strong security and privacy protection mechanisms with an easy-to-use interface where clinicians and users enroll and select subjects, enter and review case report forms, and recognize possible adverse events. The Key features of the Collection Station are briefly detailed in the table below:

Management Console

Trial managers and principal investigators use the Aspect Trials Management Console to set up, start, and stop clinical trials, to establish security and privacy policies for every user, and to monitor and evaluate the overall performance and execution of all trials. The key features of the Management Console are listed below:


The Aspect Trials Architect is a graphical toolset that assists the clinical investigator in designing a clinical trial. It provides intuitive graphical user interfaces to create and modify the trial protocol sequences and the case report forms and entry screens.

Aspect Trials

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